Washington Nationals' Home Opener Scorecard

Yes, it's the height of vanity to put up your own scorecards, but April 15, 2005, was the return of baseball to Washington with the Nationals' home opener, where they defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-3. You can get the offical wrapup, and the box score, but here's how I recorded it:

Nationals home opener scorecard: DC
Nationals home opener scorecard:

This is just my "what happened" scorecard, it's not meant to be complete, i.e., I didn't do pitch counts, nor did I mark where the ball went except for references like "HR-LF". So don't take it as official, though I think I got everything right eventually. I did have to fill in a few of the Dbacks players names in when I got home, because the official program's roster wasn't up-to-date, and from my seat in RFK I couldn't see the big scoreboard.

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