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As you may have noticed, I was born and raised in Kansas. Here are a few links to the state.

A large collection of Kansonia is provided by Blue Skyways, a service of the Kansas State Library. Another set of links is provided by Washburn University.

The Kansas State Historical Society home page has a "this day in Kansas History" feature, and links to other museums and journals.

Traveling through the state? Kansas Sights tells you where to go before you hit that boring stretch of Eastern Colorado.

The Washington Post Kansas Page keeps articles on line for 30 days. The Associated Press clippings are kept here, too.

The Kansas Collection maintains a large library of historical information about the state, including this 1910 Map of the state. (The Kansas Collection is a subset of the electronic library Carrie, which among other things has an extensive set of online documents from U.S. History.)

The Hutchinson News is the daily newspaper I read as a kid, and the best in Kansas.

And, of course, Tara Dawn Holland, formerly Miss Kansas, is now Miss America. (I can be persauded to remove this link.)

The Universities

The University

The Cow College (it's a joke, OK!?)

The Other University

The Best Restaurant in Kansas

Is the Brookville Hotel. You won't get anything other than fried chicken there, but you won't care.

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