No Relation ... Really

Given where I work, I'm often asked if I am related to the great metallurgist Robert Franklin Mehl (1898-1976). Sometimes, given the fact that I'm rather large for my age, I'm asked if I'm related to former Penn State/New York Jets Linebacker Lance Mehl.

I'm not. In fact, outside of my own family, which arrived in Holyrood, Kansas around 1880, I've yet to meet a relative named Mehl. It's like we just popped in from nowhere. (Or changed our family name. I've got this one ancestor on my mother's side who had to ... , well, let's not go there right now.)

With the help of Google™, I'm trying to put together a list of the unrelated Mehls. Who knows, in the process we may find that some of us are really related.

Want on (off?) this list? See the rules of the game at the bottom of this page.

The Mehls to whom I'm not related (so far as I know)

Name and Link Description
B. Max Mehl Fort Worth, Texas, Numismatist
Cheryl Mehl Attorney (professional site)
Daniel Mehl Graphic and Web Page Design (professional site)
Ernie Mehl (1900-1986) Sportswriter, Kansas City Star
James B. Mehl, Ph.D. Research physicist (physical acoustics, applied physics, low temperature physics); Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Delaware
Lance Mehl Linebacker, Penn State (1975?-1979), New York Jets (1980-1987)
Leo Mehl Former Vice President, Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Felicia Mehl Student services coordinator and film noir fan, Seattle, WA
Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D. Native American Healing (professional site)
Michael Mehl Musician (professional site)
Michael Mehl Research Physicist, web-site author wanna-be, Apprentice Blogger
Nathan J. Mehl Systems Geek / Writer / Internet Rockstar
Nancy Mehl Mystery Writer and Book Reviewer (professional Site)
Peder Mehl Civil War Veteran, lived in Illinois
Peter J. Mehl, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy and Religion, University of Central Arkansas
Robert Franklin Mehl (1898-1976) Metallurgist
Torris Mehl Civil War Veteran, lived in Illinois
Walter Mehl University of Wisconsin Cross Country and Track (1938-9)
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Third cousin. Who knew?

A site is on this list because:

  1. It describes someone who is in some sense a historical or public figure (see cousins Robert and Lance), living or dead.
  2. I found someone's website, asked permission to link to it, and received permission to post the link.
  3. I was asked, via email to post a link to the site, and it passed the tests below:

    1. The last name is actually Mehl, something-Mehl, or Mehl-something (sorry, not Mehlman). (If you are a descendant/spouse of someone named Mehl, create a page in his or her name and link it back to your page.)
    2. I don't find it offensive. Be warned, I have a rather high tolerance level before I get offended.
    3. We can agree on a one-line description of you/your website. In the case of website which sells your work or professional expertise, this includes agreeing to my adding the note (professional site) to your description.

This should go without saying, but it's better if I say it:

Clicking on a link on this page will take you to a web site which is not under my control or may not currently be available. I am not responsible for the existence or content of such websites, and you enter them entirely at your own risk. The opinions expressed on such websites are those of the authors of the site and are not necessarily those of myself, my family, my employers, my friends, my enemies, my pets, or the providers of this website. Opinions on this web site are mine, and not necessarily yada, yada, yada.

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