splitmp3 -- splits large mp3 files into approximately five minute pieces.



splitmp3 filename.mp3


Beginning with an MP3 file filename.mp3 (fully qualified path name or not), outputs a set of mp3 files, split into approximated five minute pieces, of the form filename_xxxx.mp3, where xxxx is the track number. These files reside in the current directory.


Calls mp3splt ( to split the files and id3v2 ( to edit the id3 tags. Similar programs will work.

Both mp3splt and id3v2 are available via apt-get in Ubuntu, at least.


Hardwired to break files into 4:30 - 5:30 minute chunks, with the exact time interval depending on what mp3splt considers to be "silence."

If there is only id3v1 labeling information in the MP3 file, the labels of the chunks will be unpredictable.

id3v2 comments are not parsed well.


    Copyright (C) 2008 Michael Mehl


This file is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). A copy of the license should be available along with the source code for this program, if not, see the comments at the end of the source code, or see